Bussing is provided for a fee of $60/month ($600/year) for all children living within the Leduc’s City limits. Bussing fees are paid and submitted at the beginning of each school year.

Students will be picked up and dropped off from your designated location such as your home or daycare. It is not always possible to guarantee door to door pick up service in areas where the bus is unable to turn around. This is due to safety concerns, as we require our bus drivers to avoid backing up whenever possible and thus entry into smaller cul-de-sacs or crescents is sometimes not possible. Your bus driver will be in communication with you if they have concerns with entry into your crescent and will notify you as appropriate, of an alternate pick up point.The bus driver is a vital component to our program and will be responsible for the safety and discipline of your child while on the bus.

Bussing Application

We require parents/guardians to indicate on our registration form the pick-up/ drop off address. When it is necessary, we may be able to accommodate up to a maximum of 2 designated drop-off/pick-up locations. For example: Location 1: Home address on Mondays; Location 2: Day home/Daycare Wed/Thurs). If you require two pick up sites we will also coordinate with you via email after receiving your registration form.

During the school year all other requests for alternate pick-up or drop-off locations will only be considered in emergency situations and must be, when possible, prearranged and confirmed verbally with the bus driver, a text or note is not sufficient. This does not pertain to a change in home address or day home/daycare. If you have any bussing questions please email kindergarten@stpetersleduc.ca

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